Attack on Titan Spoiler 121 episode 122 expected deployment

Attack on Titan Spoiler 121 episode 122 expected deployment! Will Keith save Surma coolly?

It was the latest 120 episodes that seemed to have progressed at a stretch, but what is the next development from here?

The development of the two main characters, “Ellen and Sieg”, will greatly influence the future development of the story!

Including that, I would like to anticipate the next episode!

In other words, is it “Farewell” or “Resolution”?

121 episodes Expected

Training recruit

Begin with the Shiganshina Branch Tower scene.

Soldiers who have become giants drinking wine are flocking to the branch tower to prey on soldiers who have not been drinking.

Although it is a new recruit who fights wearing a three-dimensional mobile device, immature soldiers are preyed on.

The endless demon that crawls around.

Soldiers who struggle out on the roof of the branch tower, but because the overwhelming number of giants and executives became giants, soldiers that are gradually predatory become conspicuous.


Sulma is caught by a giant.

Sulma is taken directly to the mouth.


The desperate Sulma recalls the moment, Keith’s instructor, who made himself messed up.

“At that time”

“If you ’ve been trained by a Keith instructor to attack the Giantsina Ward Giants …”

Sulma regrets while entering the giant’s big mouth

However, the power of the giant suddenly weakens and Sulma falls from the giant’s mouth to the ground.


Sulma doesn’t understand the meaning, but understands that the giant who was trying to prey on herself was steamed and fell down, and that she was saved.

Keith inspects Sulma on a giant who has fallen over a blade.

Instructor Keith
“Miscellaneous fish is there”

Keith releases a word reminiscent of the 76th episode of Levi Lieutenant.

Then you can hear the female soldier’s voice from a little distance.

“No, no!”

Looking at it, it seems that Anka is caught and preyed by the bearded giant who has bearded.

Keith changes expression when he sees it.

Instructor Keith

“You are a guy who doesn’t take care of his subordinates for his advancement.”

Instructor Keith goes to help Anchor with three-dimensional mobility.

Sulma, who has fallen down, tears and hardens.

The scene depicts a soldier struggling with the giant as it is, “ Hanji who nurses a seriously injured Levi captain ”, “ Historia sitting while rubbing a big stomach ” “ Kiomi-sama who prays on a ship ” appeared one by one, Black out

And a picture of Ellen opening the door, followed by Sieg.

Ellen and Sieg arrive at “The Fall of Shigansina Ward”, the “next memory”, and witness the Grisha scene in the basement of the Reis Chapel.

I expect this to happen!

What is the final decision of Ellen and Sieg?

At the end of Episode 120, Ellen who tried to get out of the door to move to the next memory called “Sieg” instead of “Brother”.

It was a shocking scene, but for the first time here, I felt that Ellen came to see Siek as a single person.

Ellen, who has been called the “older brother” until then, seems to have looked at Sieg as a “partner who is jealous” and a “partner to use to gain freedom”.

However, here I felt that Ellen was not a partner who used Sieg, but conceived as an “older brother” in the true sense.

Then Ellen will move to explain to Sieg from the front how the Eldia Euthanasia plan is so terrible.

The future journey of memories can be expected to be such a journey.

What end point is waiting for the end of the journey?

I am imagining whether it will be a “break-off” and “duel” of the two.

In the past, the message that the story ended with discussions was visible from Almin.

So, “Eren and Founder Ymir”, which seems to be the last confrontation of the story, imagines that the conversation will be settled.

Ellen at this time also feels like saying the opposite!

It ’s an antithesis.

In the story, Ellen and Sieg will end up in a duel, but in a sense, the current development feels like a battle between them.

But I expect that the end will be concluded with a conversation with the founder Ymir!

Now, in the 121st episode, will the next two people appear?

Do you expect?

The flow of the story accelerates all at once, and various hidden lines are collected by the journey of memory, so it seems that the final story will be reached sooner than expected.

Did Sieg really get the power of his ancestors without a war?

And if Sieg himself got the power of the founder, he could make an order for euthanasia to Mr. Konekone and make a chain like that and play with Ellen. There is no help for it.

How do you stick to Ellen so much that even if you think your brother’s father is a poisonous parent and shows evidence of brainwashing, he will not abandon his younger brother?

All of what Sieg said is a lie, and I think that the euthanasia plan cannot be executed without Ellen.

I felt that the lead of the journey of memories passed to Ellen in the last piece.
Will it be a trip next time?
Seek’s memory, Sieg completely broke away from Ellen and finally decisive battle in Shiganshina.
Lieutenant comes out and defeats the beast.

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